Our Story

We're so happy you've stopped by to learn a little more about us!! We met 18 years ago in high school. Both growing up in military homes, we never had the friends "we grew up with from Kindergarten." But as soon as we met, it's as if we had known each other a lifetime- such a sweet gift!! You know what they say... "Every blondie needs a brownie!"  Truth.  We have lived a lot of life together- laughing, crying, praying, through all the joyful + hard seasons- we are sisters. God has woven our stories and families together in ways we could never have imagined. We love lifting up each other's marriages {our husbands are good friends too!!}, raising our babies up in the Lord (because we know it takes a village), and encouraging our desires to create.

Two mugs sit inside each of our kitchen cupboards.  One reads, "Hey Girl" and the other "My Cup Runneth Over."  Usually in our morning phone calls we start with wait, "Is this a "Hey Girl" or a "My cup runneth over!!" conversation??  It sets the tone y'all.  Most days you can find each of us with a messy bun and stretch pants on.  We talk about the following things on repeat: our families, this dream of H+P, did you watch "This Is Us" last night, and who can we celebrate next to eat ALL. THE. cake together?? 

Haven making is deeply rooted in both of us, along with our passion to encourage and celebrate others.  Haven + Pine has been stirring in our hearts long before we even knew it could be something.  It was born through making our houses a home, decorating each others delivery rooms, establishing new traditions- all while folding PILES of laundry, and training little hearts.  Our prayer is that we would steward well the moments we’ve been given because we never get them back.

Grab a cup of coffee sweet friends, and take a look around!!  Our hearts are full that you're here with us!


Ginny + Meghan