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The Heart Behind Hosting

The Heart Behind Hosting


When I first got married I put a lot of pressure on myself to host big parties, showers, etc. and have things "just right" at each one.  Gabe and I LOVE having people in our home and throwing parties makes us so happy!! It took me several years to realize though that I was doing it ALL WRONG.  When I look back I can see that I was unintentionally hosting more to impress than to bless the people who walked into our house. Don’t get me wrong, my heart for hospitality and loving people well has always been deeply rooted- but my control idol and need for everything to be "perfect" was blinding me. I would be so tired from the whole planning, cleaning, cooking, creating process that by the time our guest arrived I was exhausted!! I started to see that I was missing the point of gathering people and stealing joy from my sweet husband in the planning process- Oh heeey crazy Ginny, eek!! So in the last several years I've been intentional with how I plan and let go of things that don't matter.  I love details and making things special, but I've learned I also don't have to go overboard to make something really sweet.  After all, I believe people truly remember most feeling welcomed when they walk inside, the conversations they have, & feeling warm and cozy.. ok and if you're like the Taylor's- we remember the food too😂🙌🏻! ⠀

So all this to say, if you're hosting a party, remember why you're doing it- to gather and celebrate and connect! A couple tips I've learned?? I start a couple weeks early- spreading chores, grocery lists, to do's out so I don't feel overwhelmed. I'll do some early baking and put it in the freezer. I deep clean the house a week before and keep up the maintence throughout the week. I'll buy a cake or dessert if I don't have time to bake one.  I'll say "I would love that, thank you!" if someone wants to bring a side dish. I remember that cozy blankets, candles and twinkly lights is all you really need to make it feel extra special. And lastly, I remember I’m hosting in order to serve, bless, and BE PRESENT with others!⠀


It's truly a gift to love people well in our homes.




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