Labor + Delivery Haven: From a different perspective

Labor + Delivery Haven: From a different perspective

This post is written by our beloved hand-letterer Annie-Brynn (she hand letters everything for Haven + Pine).  We love hearing about her experience using our Labor + Delivery Haven, especially from her perspective as a nurse! Come read along and see these pictures from her delivery room:)  We adore your family Annie!! xoxo

Oofta, honestly, not even sure how to properly articulate all that this beautiful wooden box of krinkled paper means to me, but I shall try. Let’s go back to early spring of 2017 really quick. This is when I first met Ginny and Meghan- at Rocket Bakery in downtown Spokane. They had seen an Instagram post of mine saying that I was open to start taking on custom orders after the birth of my first daughter. They wanted to meet up and talk about a business they were wanting to launch. I was so excited!! Or at least I thought I was excited.. I didn’t realize just how excited I was going to be until I met them. As I am sure you all can tell, they truly are the sweetest girls on this very large planet and the genuine love between them in their friendship is so evident, even to a complete stranger. I knew I was about to be a part of something really special. The first thing we talked about was how they wanted to create boxes that people could use or gift to help curate a cozy experience, the box they were talking about was the Labor + Delivery Haven Box. Ginny explained how this idea was derived out of the gift they had given each other in decorating each other’s hospital rooms. They talked about the twinkly lights, the cozy socks, the baby’s name banner, and a keepsake that we could create- which is now the 'Wonderfully Made' print. We chatted about cute little bows for baby girls and hats for boys- good smelling lotion and chapstick (why is that you always NEED chapstick when it is nowhere to be found?).  As a nurse I knew how special this was- to curate a home like environment amidst the sterility of the hospital- but as a new mom and fellow lover of a well-decorated home, I was immediately so stoked about this. 

Fast forward then to fall of 2018, I was nearing my due date with my second, in the mail I received a gifted Labor + Delivery Haven from Ginny and Meghan. TEARS. Tears because 1. How incredibly thoughtful of them and 2. To see it all come together was so fun for me! I had of course seen each piece and spent hours working on the various prints I was honored to help with- but to hold it in my hands was so so special. I had asked them to leave the name banner blank so I could fill it in myself. 

I loved each part of it- the braided paci clip, the adorable bow, the cozy socks I knew would be so incredible to wear on that November day, the linen bag full of hand sanitizer, lotion, and chap stick, the wonderfully made print that would soon be a keepsake for me and my baby girl, and the twinkly lights I could already envision around her bassinet. 

It was November 19th (the day before Esther would make her entrance little did I know), I had just put Helen to bed, and I went to get out that blank banner. I took time to fill out each pendant, praying and envisioning Esther’s birth- I am one of those weirdos that loves birth but with another toddler running around, I hadn’t had much time to really gear up for it- taking the time to be still with the Lord and my belly about to burst- to finish her banner will forever be a favorite memory of mine. Little did I know it was quite timely too, as I would wake up just a few hours later in early labor!

As a nurse, I am well aware of how un-charming most hospital rooms are. It was always so nice to have a patient that would bring in fresh flowers, do the simple things to make the room more personal and cozy. I knew it would have to make such a difference for them- but as their caregiver, it made a difference even to me! It instantly lifted my spirits during a long 12 hour shift. I think that’s one thing many probably don’t think about when decorating with their Labor + Delivery Haven- not only is it such a gift to the mother, but truly- everyone who walks in to check on mom and babe will be so blessed by the small changes the items in these boxes provides. Each of my nurses took time to comment on how cozy and warm our room felt. They loved that we had taken ownership over our experience and created a homey environment for the first few hours we had with our new daughter. I loved providing that for them! 

The box not only provided homey-ness (I don’t think that’s actually a work- but let’s just roll with it) but the practicality of it was huge as well! To have lotion, chapstick and hand sanitizer at my bedside was so lovely! I had an unmedicated birth, so I was up and walking around minutes after she was delivered- but I couldn’t deny how wonderful it was to have those so handy. The cozy socks instantly lifted my spirits and made me feel like I was in my own sacred space. Esther wore her bow the whole time we were there 😂 it was so cute and fit her little cone head so well 😉 The twinkly lights were so lovely during that first night of team no sleep. It added such a spark and warmth to our room. The little convenience of not having to turn on a light that first night was so nice! I now use them all around our home. They add the best little spark. Whenever I see them I am instantly taken back to those 24 hours in the hospital with Esther- I get teary just thinking about it. 

I feel like I have said “warmth” “homey” “special” “cozy”and “lovely” an inappropriate amount of times during this- but those are truly all the words I would use to explain the gift that this haven box is- over and over! Thank you Ginny and Meghan for creating such a wonderful product! It is so special, I can’t wait to get another one someday 😉



Pictures by: Chantry Lee Photography

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