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How Our Guest Haven Really Began: Tips from the Dollar Store

How Our Guest Haven Really Began: Tips from the Dollar Store

Hi Sweet Friends,

It's that time of year when our homes are full of guest and loved ones. Many of you know our hearts for haven making and creating a space where we can be present, feel at peace and where joy can abound!  Our Guest Haven was designed to come along side you in welcoming your guests and making them feel special + encourage them to stay a while.

More than selling our own products, we hope that this can be a space where we can encourage each other in our hearts and homes. We realize that $85 for our Guest Haven Box or even $35 for our Mini Guest Haven can be a lot when you're on a budget, so we wanted to share where our Guest Haven originated from and how we used it for MANY YEARS!

My first guest haven was created when my parents were coming to visit me! I was 20 years old working at Starbucks and was definitely on a budget! I LOVE the dollar store and headed there to get some necessities like shampoo and toothpaste. While I was there I started  adding more things to my basket. I was filling it full of treats they love and extra things I knew would make them feel thought of and special! I purchased a bamboo tray and arranged the items on it and had it waiting for them on the bed. It was so sweet to see their reaction and it made my heart so full to know they felt loved and welcomed. For years, Ginny and I have been doing this and fine tuning it for our guests in each of our homes! When we were starting our business, one the of the first boxes we knew we needed to create was the Guest Haven.

The Dollar store was our go to place and we're so grateful for it! We thought it would be fun to recreate our original Guest Haven's and walk you through the process of creating your own. There are many places (Target, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, etc.) you can go that have similar items, we just chose the Dollar store because that's where it all began! We pray you feel inspired and encouraged that going the extra mile is a blessing for the people who come into your home. Keep reading because we have a gift for you at the end!

 Making your own Guest Haven for under $12

 A few tips before we tour our local Dollar Store with you:

1. Find a basket!  Our Dollar Store no longer sells wicker baskets (which we would have preferred) but we found a selection of wire baskets that we thought was a great alternative!

2. Think of items you would like to greet your guest with!  We always think of cozy socks, some sort of candle or twinkly lights, toothbrush and treats:) The twinkle lights or battery operated candle is nice to place by their bed and have it turned on waiting for them.

3. We always try to look for neutral items that pair well together.  If you like a lot of color though, by all means look for neon!!:)

4. Sometimes we make two different baskets, one for adults and one for kids.

5. We think of items our guest may forget to bring like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. and have them ready for them to use! 

6. Pick up one or two candy bars for yourself, because Hey its only $1!!!


 Now is the fun part!!  Getting it ready for your guest! 

Like our favorite quote from Myquillyn Smith of the Nester says, "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!" Your heart to welcome your guest is what's beautiful, and the items you choose reflects just that.

We always say everything in the basket is yours to keep! We love to include a hand lettered note to welcome them, or have your children draw or color a picture for them. You can buy crinkle paper or rafia to add texture which gives the feeling of a gift. 

Another tip: If you buy a few things that have multiple items, you can store extras under your bathroom sink for future baskets:)  We have extra razors, kleenex packs, toothbrushes all stored! If you buy in bulk or find things on sale, have a place to save them for the future. My mom likes a certain coffee at World Market and when it it goes on sale I stock up to have it for her when she visits. You can put q-tips and cotton balls in some jars by the sink and just refill them as it gets low.

You may not have a guest room, however please don't let that hold you back from creating a special haven! Whether its on a couch, in your daughters bed, or on an air mattress- fresh sheets with a few treats would make anyone feel special!

We hope you've enjoyed our Dollar Store Guest Haven Basket tutorial!!  We truly believe it's a gift to love people well in our homes. We would love to know if this was helpful and if you decide to create your own Guest Haven please tag us on Instagram or email us (havenandpine@gmail.com) a picture and we would love to email you our "Be our guest" digital file that you can download and print on card stock at home to add to your basket!  You can also click here to see our Guest Haven in our shop. Happy haven making Lovelies!!


Ginny & Meghan

*This is not a sponsored add and we are not being paid to advertise the dollar store. 

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